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Our legal counsel has been quoted in leading financial publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business, and others.  Capital Fund Law Group has been recognized for its hedge fund expertise by Wealth & Finance International in its alternative investment awards.

To get started, Hamid reached out to attorney John Lore, who she says has helped set up more than 30 crypto hedge funds. "Emerging cryptocurrency funds see this as an opportunistic time to start up the infrastructure to set up a fund," according to Lore, who said he gets about six or eight inquiries daily from aspiring crypto fund managers. "What that means is that at least fund managers are very bullish on the long-term aspects of cryptocurrency in varied investment strategies."

Four Harvard Students Jump Into the Crypto Hedge-Fund Craze 

By Olga Kharif | 20 April 2018

Beth-ann Roth, a former SEC prosecutor and partner at Capital Fund Law, agreed. “[The lesson for celebrities is to] “know what you’re endorsing,” Roth told the FT, saying promoters could be charged with aiding and abetting the alleged fraud.

Warning Celebrity Cryptocurrency Endorsers: You May Be Sued For Promoting Fraud ICOs

Bitcoin Regulation | 10 April 2018

Beth-ann Roth, a former SEC litigator and partner at Capital Fund Law, said that in cases as the Centra ICO, there was also a risk that promoters could be found to have “aided and abetted” the alleged fraud. The lesson for celebrities, she added, is “know what you’re endorsing”.

Celebrities Warned Over Risk of Cryptocurrecny Endorsements

By Joshua Oliver and Hannah Murphy | 9 April 2018

Beth-ann Roth, an investment funds partner at Capital Fund Law Group, said it behooves celebrity endorsers to consult with a securities attorney if they are invited to promote an ICO, or any investment offering, for that matter.

“They have an obligation before accepting that kind of engagement to do their due diligence. They need to make sure they’re getting the right answers,” Roth said.

Celebrities, according to Roth, need to know that their due diligence obligations are heightened when they promote investment products since those products are regulated under the securities laws.

“They have to understand that their endorsements matter to many people and could influence peoples’ decisions,” Roth said. “Technically, they could be found liable, so they need to exercise extra caution when undertaking these types of representations.”

Onus Is On Celebrity ICO Pitchmen For Greater Due Diligence

By Dustan Prial | 4 April 2018

"There's a lot of short-term trepidation based on regulatory uncertainty based on the SEC, with what the European Union is doing, and what various Asian regulators are doing," said John Lore, managing partner at Capital Fund Law Group.

Lore's firm advises hedge funds and private equity groups in the crypto-space. He said he's seeing an "unprecedented" number of new fund starts continuing from February.

"I think the sell-off this year has more to do with short term concern than any long-term general distaste for the asset," Lore said.

Ripple is the worst performer among major cryptocurrencies in the first quarter

By Kate Rooney | 29 March 2018

The SEC’s desire to interview cryptocurrency hedge funds, the only asset managers currently operating in the space, seems a logical next step in the development of the digital asset regulatory framework. The probe also underscores the fact that the SEC takes the crypto hedge fund space very seriously and will continue to keep a close eye on it moving forward.

SEC’s Crypto Hedge Fund Probe is Healthy For The Industry

By John Lore | 26 March 2018

“According to John S. Lore, Esq., owner of Capital Fund Law Group, PC, ‘When selecting service providers, including an attorney, administrator, and auditor, the management should consider the professional background of each provider. The level of quality of the service providers says much about the quality of the corporation’s management and business plan. Before smart people will invest in or purchase anything they seek signs of competence and stability from all tiers of the organization.

The Five Keys To Marketing An Emerging Service or Product

By Steve Olenski | 21 February 2015

"An accredited investor is an investor that meets the income or net worth tests established by the SEC," says John Lore, managing partner of Capital Fund Law Group. "For individuals, the investor must have a net worth or joint net worth with his or her spouse exceeding one million dollars or meet a $200,000 per year annual income threshold ($300,000 if combined with spouse)."

4 Options For Raising Capital From Friends, Investors or Even The Feds

By John Boitnott | 24 February 2015

In 2014 and 2015, Capital Fund Law Group was recognized for its investment fund expertise by Wealth and Finance International, a global investment publication, in its 2014 and 2015 Alternative Investment Awards.

 Wealth and Finance International | Alternative Investment Awards