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Jennifer Hicks  |  Client & Business Development Director                               

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Jennifer Hicks is the Client and Business Development Director at Capital Fund Law Group. Since joining the Firm in early 2018, Ms. Hicks proffers guidance and support to prospective investment managers and the Firm's current clients while they navigate the fund planning and formation process. Ms. Hicks organizes the Firm's investment fund events and outreach, working with the Firm's Partners on business and marketing goals.  

Ms. Hicks, who has been a lifelong student of the legal field, held a career in law enforcement in the state of Utah before becoming a part of Capital Fund Law Group. Being a first responder allowed Ms. Hicks to gain valuable skills, including investigative research, critical thinking, intense attention to detail, and multitasking – all skills needed to transition to the corporate side of the law. While her client base is now fund managers and not public service, Ms. Hicks understands the importance of public relations and perception. She partakes in podcasts and interviews on various subjects, from emerging manager guidance to women's rights in the workforce, advocating for positive corporate cultural changes. 

Given her time as a civil servant, Ms. Hicks continues to fuel her passion for giving back and serving the community. During her law enforcement career, Ms. Hicks served as Police Association President. In this volunteer role, she organized a police and fire charity event to raise money and awareness for a child in her community.

Ms. Hicks holds a degree in Criminal Justice and a Paralegal Certification. She has also earned several advanced certifications in communications and investigations. Awards include the Police Combat Cross medal in May 2015 for her response and action taken during an armed assailant situation. In her personal life, Ms. Hicks is active and passionate about community betterment, including causes surrounding military non-profits and women's organizations.