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Valuation of Hard-to-Value Securities & Portfolios

September 26, 2016 - September 27, 2016

Improper valuation is one of the biggest and costliest operational risks that private investment funds face today… any wrong step can be potentially lethal. NOW is the time to get the clarity you need to ensure that your valuation practices are up to par. Due to overwhelming demand, we’re bringing our Hard-to-Value Securities & Portfolios back to help your fund steer clear of the countless pitfalls that abound!

You’ll get a wealth of advice from leading practitioners at this eventGet the critical information on –

  • Why valuation is a top priority for the regulators, and what to do about it
  • Effectively meeting investor due diligence requirements for increased transparency
  • Lessons learned from recent SEC cases
  • Risky areas for private equity, debt and real estate valuations
  • Strategies to resolve valuation discrepancies with your auditor

Through in-depth research with a wide-array of industry thought leaders this agenda is your complete guide to effective and accurate valuation practices of hard-value-securities!

Compliance and Regulations
Investor Perspectives
Operational Valuation Think Tank
Valuation Methodologies of Debt Products
Valuation and Pricing of Private Equity investments
Concerns in Venture Capital Valuations
Direct Lending Products