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Our clients  include domestic and offshore hedge funds, private equity funds, cryptocurrency funds, and real estate funds. We have debt and equity private placement issuers in every major industry sector. Below is a sample list of our recent clients by fund type.

Ore Genesis Fund, LP

V.C. Systematic Equity Fund L.P.

Saroj & Bhanu Fund, LP

Cote Fund for Orphan Drugs, LP

Lenape Capital Income Fund, LP

Digital Wealth Management Fund, LP

PD Fund 3, LP

Monmouth Point Capital Cryptocurrency Growth Fund, LP

E-Cobalt Fund I, LP

Incluve Fund, LP

JCH Alpha Fund, LP

Abrol Investment Fund, LP

Deus Fund, LP

Gallus Advantage Fund, LP

BostonCore Mega Cap Absolute Return Fund, LP

Lucis Tractus Fund, LP

Steele Arbor Value Opportunities Fund, LP

Viam Development Fund II, LP

Sorted Capital Fund I, LP

VIAM Cupertino Fund, LP

Below is a representative list of our previous clients 
  • Titan Equity International, Ltd.
  • Summit Global Investments, LLC
  • Biggs Capital Fund, LP
  • Biopharma Growth Fund, LP
  • Command Capital Management Options Fund, LP
  • Concentus Variable Bias Fund, LP
  • White Knight Capital Partners, LLC
  • Dealer Advance Group, LLC
  • Precision Capital Partners, LP
  • DMTS Capital Advisors, LLC
  • Five Star Capital Fund, LP
  • GEM Investments, LLC
  • Rahling Capital Group, LLC
  • Selah Companies, LLC
  • High Growth Fund, LLC
  • Tailwinds Portfolio, LP
  • AmaSyn, Inc.
  • Animus Vincio, LLC
  • YogaVeda Beverage Company, LLC
  • Logician Capital, LP
  • South River Forex Fund, LP
  • TD Blackrock, LLC
  • The Rahling Fund, LP
  • Olympus Investment Portfolio, Ltd
  • Green Capital Ventures, Inc.
  • JWMC Fund, LP
  • KCM Global Alpha Fund, LP
  • Krygier Investments, LLC
  • Lionheart Strategic Lending Fund, LP
  • Medichip Technologies, Inc.
  • Microloan Holdings, LLC
  • Zeus Alpha II Offshore Fund Cayman Ltd.
  • Millennium Finance, LLC
  • Mountain West Debt Fund, LP
  • Bramaramba Gardens, LLC
  • Mountain West Senior Secured, LLC
  • Numlock, LP
  • Polaris Armor, Inc.
  • AppLinkTV International, LLC
  • Summit Ridge Partners, LP
  • Livid Mobile, Inc.
  • Talk Radio News Radio, LLC
  • Thermal Imaging Radar, LLC
  • Western Credit Service Company, LLC
  • Global Asymmetry, LP
  • Gladius Fund, LP
  • High Growth Fund, LLC