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Dallen Keever  |  Systems Administrator                                                 

D Keever (May 2023)crop-1Dallen Keever is the Systems Administrator for Capital Fund Law Group. In this capacity, Mr. Keever provides internal cybersecurity support and oversees systems maintenance and information technologies. Mr. Keever oversees infrastructure and website processes that support client-related features and works with clients when they face technical issues. 

Before joining Capital Fund Law Group, Mr. Keever served in a networking installation position for Keystone Technologies, where he was responsible for installing and servicing specialized equipment, such as surveillance, security, and large-scale commercial communications systems. Mr. Keever's knowledge and versatility in systems analysis and management uphold our core values of integrity, quality, and commitment. 

Mr. Keever holds two degrees, an Associate of Science in General Studies and an Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering. In 2024, Mr. Keever will graduate from Weber State University on a full academic scholarship with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. 

In his free time, Mr. Keever enjoys adrenaline-related sports and activities, including sky-diving, snowboarding, and scuba-diving, in which he is certified. When Mr. Keever is not enjoying the outdoors, he finds joy reading philosophical literature.