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What is The Prospective Manager’s Portal? 


Our law firm believes prospective managers deserve the opportunity to establish a solid understanding of valuable, often overlooked, pre-launch steps before beginning the fund formation process. The Prospective Manager's Portal is a self-guided, subscription-based service and a cost-efficient preliminary step to formation and launch. Early-stage managers deserve to know what to expect before diving into a career that they only understand on the surface.

When exploring what it means to be a prospective manager, we focus on intent coupled with action, those that show dedication, humility, determination, and genuine pursuit of their ultimate goal - investment management. However, intent, with action missing, is just a daydream.

Actions taken during pre-launch will define a person's suitability for fund management. In the Portal, prospective managers will approach their goals through appropriate steps, including planning and policies, market research and analysis, understanding the financial commitment, and preparing for obstacles that may arise during pre-launch. A successful and reputable fund manager embraces this responsibility and is continually ready to take action, make critical decisions, maintain smooth operations, and be prepared to maneuver unforeseen circumstances.

Notwithstanding asset class or strategy, our Prospective Manager's Portal is for those who want to take action and learn the steps necessary to begin the fund process accurately.


The Difference between a Prospective Manager and an Emerging Manager:

An emerging manager should be ready to execute their goal of fund management, having completed their internal research and development phase. Emerging managers traditionally have a background in finance, business, or investment management and understand the tools, budget, and support team necessary to form and launch a fund. If a manager does not have the proper understanding, working capital, and plans in place, they are not ready to manage a fund. 

Prospective managers are working towards the ultimate goal of fund management but are still in the internal research and development phase. They may come from other industry sectors with a strong knowledge of their respective field, but lack investment management experience, separate from managing their own finances. The prospective manager will need a detailed planning approach to fund formation and launch, ongoing operations, and the challenges of raising capital. Although this may be a roadblock in the ultimate goal, it is not an immovable barrier, and Capital Fund Law Group is dedicated to removing these barriers by providing resources and tools for first-time managers that are driven by ethical motivations and responsible actions.






The Portal is your compass when developing your management style and objective, internal company plans, investment strategy, market research, and marketing and capital raising strategies.

We understand the importance for prospective managers to establish a baseline pre-launch process, which is why we include a comprehensive Roadmap that details crucial areas of fund management, often overlooked by first-time managers. In addition to the Roadmap, you will have access to corresponding support documents, templates, and examples available for download and use.

If you are genuinely ready to take the next step toward fund management, you will use the Portal as a starting point to plan your fund formation and launch through a systematic step-by-step approach.


Cursory Portal Overview

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Portal Subscription: What to Expect


Fund Management is a marathon, not a sprint. The Portal helps a future manager prepare for the fund formation process on day one. Preparation, confidence-building, and a systematic approach all aid in becoming a responsible and ethical manager. 

We are interested in helping managers who want to help themselves, will put in the work, and use the contents within the Portal to ready themselves for investment management. 

Success never happens overnight, and like any endurance-related pursuit, it requires dedication, training, and knowledge to produce a positive result. Below is a more detailed learning of the Portal. 

Overview of the Portal

The Prospective Manager's Roadmap

Roadmap Support Documents, Resources & Templates

Service Provider Q&A Webinars

Investment Resources, Templates & Regulations

Marketing Guidelines & Templates

Upcoming Industry Events & Webinars

Attorney Readiness Consultation


The Prospective Manager's Roadmap: Your compass to pre-formation and fund launch planning.

    • Self Assessment: Gauging your management readiness.

    • Management Company: Member roles, internal operations, & your business plan.

    • Fund Formation Basics: Structural considerations, investment adviser regulations, and investor standards.

    • Investment Philosophy, Objective, and Strategy: Development, analysis, and structuring.

    • Capital-Raising Strategy: Understanding investor expectations, manager qualifications, and determining your investor profile.

    • Marketing Strategy: Creating policies for internal communications, cybersecurity, and following regulations to avoid liability.

    • The Role of your Legal Counsel: What to expect from your law firm, fund-related documents, and preparation for ongoing legal needs. 

    • Selecting Service Providers: Understanding the providers you need, why they matter, and what to expect when engaging their services. 

Initially, you will self-assess your readiness for fund management and willingness to understand the essentials of becoming an investment manager, including the value of comprehensively planning your management company's operations and internal policies. Assuming you are serious about your fund management goals, you will benefit from understanding the fund formation process in more detail. This approach includes the fund's structural considerations, state and federal laws applicable to you, and knowing the investor accreditation standard your fund will need to follow to develop your marketing and capital raising strategy. You will acquire insight into what investors typically expect to see, managers' different classifications and qualifications, and a deeper appreciation for your fiduciary responsibility. The Roadmap's recommendations for appropriately developing your investment philosophy, objective, and strategy, will lay the groundwork for your future launch.

Next, we will discuss in more detail how to build out your capital-raising strategy, identify your investor profile, and the importance of raising capital through a methodical and careful approach. You'll read a Q&A interview from a family office to know first-hand what they want to see from a first-time manager before participating in an investment opportunity. Equally important to your capital-raising strategy is marketing development. The Roadmap will focus on your marketing strategy, internal communications, and how to implement your marketing story while maintaining ethical and regulatory standards.

The Roadmap lets you know what to expect when selecting your legal counsel and service providers. Many service providers will be a necessity for launch and ongoing operations, which is why we provide webinar Q&A's to help you understand a provider's role and purpose. The Portal goes beyond informing you of best practices; we go in-depth, giving you tools and downloadable support resources and examples that you can draw from and incorporate to start building out your fund management roadmap. 


    Service Providers

Many of our conversations with managers involve questions about other service providers and their role in your fund's operations. You will have access to one-on-one Q&A webinars with various service providers to understand what function that provider holds, what you should expect from them, and what questions you should be asking. These pre-recorded webinars are compilations of base-level questions commonly asked by first-time managers, allowing you to gain that understanding to start provider conversations from an advanced level of learning.


    Investment Resources & Regulations

The Portal offers resources and examples of investment terms and strategies for open-end and closed-end funds. These examples aid you when materializing your investment objective and strategy, offering you a structural guide as a baseline. You will have access to regulations on the state and federal levels so that you can continue research and planning on your own. 


    Marketing Resources

One of the most significant aspects of a fund launch is comprehending marketing guidelines, rules and regulations. We have prepared a white paper within this Portal highlighting the necessary regulatory elements when developing your marketing content. This white paper is exclusive to our manager clients and prospective managers who subscribe to the Portal and covers critical portions of the SEC's Final Marketing Rule. Whether you will be a registered or unregistered investment adviser, you should always follow marketing best practices. Just because you are not a registered fund does not mean that your fiduciary responsibility is lesser, and it does not mean that you can lower your standard of marketing compliance. You will have access to downloadable tear sheet marketing templates to help you start brainstorming your marketing approach, tying together your marketing and capital-raising strategies as you create a summary of your plan. 


    Events & Webinars

We recognize the importance of networking and being privy to industry events, webinars, and conferences within the alternative investment space. The Portal includes a continually updated list so that you can start incorporating yourself into this environment and practice your social networking skills. Attending industry happenings allows you to build connections that may become beneficial when you are ready to form and launch your fund.


    Attorney Readiness Consultation

As we have previously mentioned, the Portal is for prospective managers who want a comprehensive understanding of what fund management realistically entails. After you have utilized the resources within your Portal and believe to be ready to discuss the next steps, your subscription incorporates a consultation and analysis with one of our experienced attorneys. 

We will review what materials you have developed using the tools within the Portal. We will discuss the legal intricacies of your fund's structuring and terms, the regulations you will be subject to, and our recommended next steps. These steps may include tailoring your fund plans and tightening up your investment, marketing, and capital-raising strategies. 

The readiness consultation will further strengthen your preparation for fund formation and launch by equipping you with legal advice from a law firm that prides itself in its integrity and commitment to assisting responsible fund managers.   


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