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Key-Man Investment Fund Risk Mitigation

Preferred Equity as a Substitute for a Debt Offering

The Most Common Exemption–Regulation D Rule 506

How to Avoid Liability in a Private Placement

Structuring a Private Placement Offering

What’s in a Private Placement Memorandum

Brief Survey of Common Hedge Fund Terms

CFTC Grants Relief to Allow Limited Solicitation for CPO Hedge Funds

Common Hedge Fund Strategies

Hedge Fund Attorney

Ongoing RIA Compliance

Hedge Fund Prime Broker/Custodian

Hedge Fund Documents

Who Can Invest in a Hedge Fund?

Hedge Fund Manager Compensation


Capital Fund Law Blog provides information and analysis on the laws governing hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds and private placement offerings.


Capital Fund Law Group is a nationally recognized securities law firm advising an international clientele of established and emerging fund managers and private placement securities issuers.

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